Whatever you wished to know about TOEFL

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Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL is recognized as a standardized test for measuring the non-native speakers’ ability of English language who wish to get enrolled in English-speaking universities. This test gets accepted by numerous English-speaking professional as well as academic institutions. TOEFL is viewed as one of the two significant English-language tests and the other is the IELTS.

The test is hugely popular in English proficiency exam which is accepted at the North American universities. TOEFL test tests the usage and understanding of international students of North American English the way it is spoken, heard and written in college plus university settings. The test is developed as well as administered by ETS (Educational Testing Service) that sets its questions besides conducting the test and does send all the examinees the score report.

TOEFL or other courses

At times, students get puzzled as if they are required preparing for TOEFL only or they are required to appear for other exams for getting admission to the Canadian and US universities. So, the number of exams a student needs to prepare is entirely dependent on the type and the course for which a student is applying.

If you have been attempting for undergraduate courses in Canada or the US, then you are required preparing for SAT. Again, for the MBA courses, you must score in GMAT as it is a requirement. So, for MS courses, GRE scores are considered relevant. And, along with these exams, you are required taking either TOEFL or IELTS.

Most often, international students remain unaware as they don’t know the method of choosing between TOEFL or IELTS because universities abroad do ask for either of these two exam scores. Hence, as TOEFL syllabus has been specially designed for testing your North-American English understanding, so, it must be your initial choice when you have been applying to the Canadian and the US universities.

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