View your TOEFL scores online

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If you are a candidate of TOEFL iBT test which gets administered through the internet, then you will be able to see your scores on the internet. However, you will receive an email which will let you know about the time when your scores will be available and it is nearly ten days post your test date. You must log in to your account of TOEFL iBT on the TOEFL registration site and click on “view scores” to see your scores.

Here, you can go through the list of dates for getting an estimation of the time when you will be capable of viewing your scores. Additionally, you are also free to download plus print a PDF copy of the test taker score report and here, the list of dates will provide you with an estimate of when the PDF score report will be obtainable.

Official score results

The recipients get printed score reports nearly thirteen days after their test date. The mail delivery takes 7-10 days to reach the US and takes more time for reaching other locations. However, ETS has got absolutely no control over the matter of mail delivery. When you wish to get information which is particular to your postal system then you can contact your post office and here, you will get an estimated arrival date for a mail from the US.

Remember, your results are valid for a couple of years and you must send them to other agencies and institutions during that time only.

Those who accept TOEFL Scores

There are above 10,000 universities plus other institutions in more than 150 countries that accept TOEFL scores. Again, other organizations too depend on TOEFL scores like the following:

  • Immigration departments make use of them for issuing work and residential visas.
  • Licensing and medical agencies utilize them for professional certification purposes.

People use them for measuring their development in learning English.

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