The Test Scores of IELTS

The Test Scores of IELTS, Passing Criteria, Result Score Improvement
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IELTS makes use of a 9-band scoring system for measuring and reporting test scores consistently. Students get specific band scores for Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing and a general band score on a band scale beginning from one to nine.

For the majority of the people, there is a distinct band score which is achieved for every skill and it is pretty common and entirely normal having a difference of up to a couple of bands between skills. It happens irrespective of the language being tested plus the kind of language test which is taken. However, Speaking and Listening are considered the strongest skills for most people.

The criteria for passing

In IELTS, there is nothing like pass or fail as scores get graded on the system of 9-band. Every educational organization or institution sets its individual level of IELTS scores for meeting its own needs. So, it is pretty normal for candidates to score impressive grades on their second sitting as, by this time, they become more acquainted with the time which is permitted for each section, like the number of words needs for the Writing task and the Reading answer sheet.

These are considered small factors which can result in score improvement from the very first time when an IELTS test gets taken to the 2nd time when the test is taken.

How the results of IELTS get assessed?

  • The results of IELTS get accessed by certified and highly trained examiners who provide candidates with secured, accurate, and consistent results.
  • A student will get IELTS results within 13 days, which will be paper-based and 5-7 days when it is computer-delivered post taking the test.
  • It is the job of the test centers to post students’ Test Report Form to them in 13 days and only in 5-7 days when it is computer-delivered.
  • It is possible to get only one copy of the Test Report Form when you have been applying for IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada).
  • The results can be transferred to five nominated organizations that include immigration bodies.
  • You have to keep in mind that a student’s IELTS score remains valid for two years and he can use for unlimited numbers of work, study, or migration.

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