SAT Test Dates in India

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SAT Test Dates in India for the year 2018-19

2018-19 SAT test DateRegistration DateScores Back DateSuggested
2018Saturday, 25th August 201827th July 20187th September 2018
2018Saturday, 6th October 20187th September 201819th October 2018
2018Saturday, 3rd November 20185th October 201816th November 2018
2018Saturday, 1st December 20182nd November 201814th December 2018
2019Saturday, 9th March 20198th February 201922nd March 2019
2019Saturday, 4th May 20195th April 201917th May 2019
2019Saturday, 1st June 20193rd May 201910th July 2019

The ideal time to take the SAT

You can take the SAT anytime, but the majority of the students take this test during their junior year’s spring. When they do this, they get sufficient time for taking the test two times and that is hugely recommended because 67% of the students do improve their score during the second time.

As soon as you receive your junior year’s initial test results, you will come to know about your weak points and so, you will start preparing for retaking the test. Now, if you aren’t contented with your initial score, then you are free to take the test for the subsequent time during your senior year’s fall.

The ways to get prepared for the SAT

The finest way to get prepared for the SAT is via classroom learning as well as by taking courses which challenge you and aid you in building the knowledge that you require for being successful in the test.

The Test Centres of SAT

The SAT gets conducted at several major cities all across India and students are always recommended to book one SAT Testing Centre which tends to be convenient as well as closest to their location. There are more than 50 institutes where the SAT exam is held and for locating the appropriate SAT test center, you can get through the whole list of SAT Test Centres.

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