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SAT Subjects, SAT Subjects Details, Exam Pattern & Format
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Get known to SAT in details

The SAT is considered an entrance exam which is used by the majority of the colleges and universities for making admissions decisions. This test is pencil-and-paper and multiple-choice which gets created as well as managed by the College Board.

SAT tends to measure high school students’ willingness for college and proposing colleges with only one common data point which can be utilized for comparing all applicants. The college admissions officers will evaluate the consistent test scores of the students besides their high school GPA, extracurricular activities, the classes that they took in their high school, admission interviews, letters of recommendation from mentors or teachers, and personal essays.

The importance that SAT scores holds in the college application process does vary from one school to another. Generally, when you score high marks in the ACT or the SAT, then you will get more choices to attend and pay for the college which will be obtainable to you.

The Fundamentals of SAT Subjects

There are twenty SAT Subject tests that happen in five subject areas and they are History, English, Science, Mathematics, and Languages.

Mathematics – Here, a student will be required to learn regarding maths tests that are offered at a couple of levels and give the answer to practice questions and the two maths levels are Math Level 1and Math Level 2.

Science – In the science section, you have to learn about tests that happen in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and here, you will be needed to answer practice questions.

English – In this section, you have to learn about the test on literature and answer some practice questions.

History – Here, students learn related to the tests in the world and US history besides answering practice questions.

Languages – In this section, students are required learning about tests that happen in nine languages and they will also be required to answer practice questions.

  • French
  • Spanish
  • French with Listening
  • Spanish with Listening
  • Italian
  • Chinese with Listening
  • Modern Hebrew
  • German
  • German with Listening
  • Latin
  • Korean with Listening
  • Japanese with Listening

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