SAT Study Plan

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Tips on The Process of Studying and Managing Time For SAT

  • Diagnose your skills – Even when you do not plan to study during the months that lead to the SAT, you must complete the NMSQT/PSAT, that is six months prior to the test. This way, you will have an excellent sense regarding your closeness to your SAT goal. Now, if you possess lots of skills for learning, then you might wish to begin studying earlier compared to what you had planned.
  • Take nearly two full practice tests – Students should take nearly one practice test and this is the way the original SAT gets administered and so, students become comfortable with this format.
  • Get yourself acquainted with the instructions provided for every test section – You must keep this in mind that the sections’ sequence plus the directions mentioned for every section will continue to remain the same for each SAT.
  • You must study outside the box – You should mix up your preparation of SAT with some common skill-building. Additionally, you should read plus summarize scientific studies and long articles for getting prepared for the Reading Test. You can also read essays or editorial articles and pay heed to the way the writer does construct his argument for preparing for the optional essay.
  • Do not study the night prior to the test – Though it is tough advice, yet it is highly advised not to study the night before the SAT. It is very important to be relaxed and rested as studying until the last minute makes a person more stressed and also lowers his confidence.
  • Make yourself thoroughly prepared for success – You must be mindful that it is extremely important to have a good night’s sleep as it is capable of making a huge difference. You must retire to bed early and get nearly eight hours of sound sleep.

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