SAT Result

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Get a Full Understanding of SAT Scores

When you wish to have a full understanding of SAR scores then it would turn out to be a tough task. This notion is particularly true for international students, particularly Indian ones. Actually, the general SAT test gets scored on a scale that ranges from 400-1600.

The Availability of Your Result

You will get your SAT score report over the internet nearly a couple of or three weeks post your test date. Now, if you have got registered for the online test and wish to get a paper score report besides the online score report, then you must ask for it during the time of registration. But, when you have got registered by mail and don’t have a College Board account online, then you will automatically be directed a paper score report.

You can visit SAT Test Dates pages for discovering the particular online score dates of release. When online score reports will be made available, then the College Board will start sending SAT score report to the college that you have selected during the registration process.

The Statistics of SAT

Similar to other exams, for SAT too score averages do differ for all the subjects. A student of science will require scoring higher marks in Mathematics. On the other hand, a Humanities or an Arts student will need to score higher marks in Writing and Reading section. However, before you begin with your preparation strategy, you are highly needed to recognize the excellent SAT score. An excellent SAT score makes a student qualified for schools where he wishes to pursue his higher education. So, it can be said that a superb score is highly dependent on the schools where your interest lies.

What is Meant by SAT Percentile Ranks?

Percentile marks do compare the scores among candidates that took the test. Suppose, the score of a candidate in Biology test is 500. When the percentile rank for 500 happens to be 47 then it implies that the candidate’s performance was better compared to 47% of other students who gave the test.

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