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The Free Resources That Help in Clearing SAT

When you have been planning to go to a college, then the ACT or the SAT is most possibly there in your future. However, this can really turn into a scary thought. It is not due to the additional workload only but also due to the fact that taking standardized tests can turn out to be costly. Between your tutors, the books, the classes, and finally, the test itself, the bills can begin to pile up. There are many students who find it really tough to afford test preparation and so, naturally, they get stressed out.

The list containing free SAT resources are the following:

  • SAT eBooks You can go through the SAT eBooks and can avoid purchasing expensive SAT study guides easily.
  • Quiz – If you aren’t sure whether or not SAT fits better for your learning style, study habits or academic skills, then you can take the SAT or ACT quiz and it is absolutely free.
  • SAT videos – You can get engaged with SAT videos in place of written resources.
  • SAT Practice Tests – Practice tests are hugely helpful in developing confidence and stamina as these tests give a real feel of SAT.
  • Printable Passages – When you are hunting for more physical practice in writing, reading or math, then you can have a look at printable passages.
  • SAT Question of the day – For clearing SAT, you must have daily practice with SAT Question of the Day.
  • SAT Infographics – You can look at the infographics for learning many things about SAT.
  • Study Timer – When you study with free Study Timer application for your iPad/iPhone then you can provide yourself time on exam sections and with its help, you can keep yourself on pace.
  • SAT Flashcards – With an excellent design which has been optimized for iPhone, Android, and web, you can take all the free SAT flashcards.

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