SAT Exam Syllabus

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The Exam Syllabus of SAT For The Year 2018-19

The SAT has got the test format which is as follows:

Writing and Language4435
SAT essay1 task 50

The latest syllabus of the SAT is mentioned below:

  • Reading – This section comprises 4-5 passages and students are required to answer 52 questions. It is very important to go through the passages and understand well those passages for answering the questions which follow within sixty-five minutes. However, SAT does never assume that a student has got prior knowledge regarding the topics of the passage, but familiarity with the topics is highly recommended as it aids a person in developing a reading habit and it is also a definitive confidence-developing measure.
  • Writing and Language – This section comprises 4 passages and there are forty-four multiple-choice questions. Here, students are needed to read as well as understand the passages besides answering the questions which follow in thirty-five minutes.

Every passage can be extracted from write-ups or articles that are connected to:

  • Science
  • Careers
  • Humanities
  • Social studies or History

Prior knowledge regarding the topics isn’t needed because every question lies within the passage’s scope.

  • Math – The Math section of the SAT comprises two parts:
  • Math Test-Calculator – It has 38 questions which need to be answered within fifty-five minutes.
  • Math Test-No Calculator – It has got 20 questions which must be answered within twenty-five minutes.
  • SAT Essay – It is the optional part of the SAT. Nonetheless, there are some universities that need or recommend it. SAT essay does permit a student to exhibit his reading, writing, and analysis skills. You will be provided fifty minutes to go through 650-750 words-long passages before writing an analysis regarding how an author develops his/her argument. These kinds of questions are considered the standard of the SAT essay. However, the passage does vary every time.

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