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Some of the Free GRE Resources are as follows:

  • Free Practice Tests

When you sign up at Economist GRE tutor trial, you will get a complete-length GRE practice test in your account. This test includes a complete break down of score and analysis of every question.

The creators of GRE, ETS offer PowerPrep. PowerPrep is free software that includes two practice tests. You can trust its accuracy because it comes directly from the source.

  • Free GRE Vocabulary

GRE word per day service. Every day, a complicated vocabulary word is sent from the Economist together with its synonym and definition. You may download the app on the Apple Store and Google Play, or follow on Instagram.

Reading complicated publications, which covers various topics including The Economist and The New York Times is a good way to build vocabulary. Both these publications provide free articles on their websites for one week. However, you should read the articles actively.

  • GRE Study Guide

This study guide is designed in a way to help students at the beginning of their GRE preparation. This guide contains useful information including sections description and explaining the scoring system. You may learn the way to select a study strategy and find other useful tips.

  • Free GRE Essay

The creators of GRE have published guides to Analyze an Issue and also its counterpart Analyze an Argument. They are excellent guides and they have everything right from scoring overviews and sample essays. GRE experts have compiled guides to Analyze an Argument as well as Analyze an Issue.

  • Mc Graw Hill free GRE practice test

McGraw-Hill offers a free test on their site. Moreover, you will also find an explanation regarding each and every question given on the test. You will also find GRE preparation resources and problem-solving videos.

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