GMAT Vs GRE: Comparison

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Over 1200 MBA programs accept GMAT or GRE scores for admissions to business schools. It means you have much more options than before. Before the decide the test to take, research about the business schools you are interested in and find out whether they shall accept GMAT or GRE scores.

  • GRE test is needed for admissions to many graduate schools along with many growing business schools. The GMAT test is needed to get admission to most of the business schools.
  • GRE test comprises of a 60-minute section of Analytical Writing Section- two essays of 30 minutes each. There are two 30 minutes of sections on Verbal Reasoning. There are two 35- minute sections on Quantitative Reasoning. There is a 30-35 minute section on an experiment which can be math or verbal.
  • GMAT comprises of a 30-minute section on Analytical Writing, 62-minute Quantitative section, the 30-minute section on Integrated Reasoning, and 65-minute verbal section.
  • GRE is offered by section exam as a computer adaptive. Paper version is offered in those areas where computer-testing is not there. GMAT is a computer-adaptive test.
  • In GRE, Quantitative and verbal scores range between 130-170 and increment of 1 point. The overall GMAT score ranges between 200-800 with 10 point increment.

Which one is easier?

It depends on the person taking the test and his strengths. For aspirants with good quantitative skills, GRE Math seems easy. GMAT Math is very daunting. If you struggle with Quantitative, GMAT seems quite difficult.

If you struggle with vocabulary, the verbal section of GRE is very difficult. This does not mean GMAT verbal is easy. The section of sentence corrections is a science of grammar and students with logical minds are more adept to find grammatical errors.

By contrast, GRE Text Completions is testing of word usage. This skill is present in most of the humanities students.

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