GMAT Study Plan, Important Points, Strategy
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Whether you are interested to pursue a Master’s in Management or Master’s in Business Administration, you need to take GMAT. One of the important points to prepare for the GMAT is to develop a strategic and structured GMAT study plan.

  • Try to establish a target score. If you do not have a target score, you will not know how long or how much to study. GMAT performance depends on the effort and attention you put into your studies.
  • After establishing a target score, take a practice exam for establishing the baseline score, weaknesses, and strengths.
  • For many students, free materials that are available on mean much more than adequate content. But, you can try out other materials too. You should usually begin with the official materials.
  • Take a pen and put into the paper a detailed study plan. GMAT preparation is much more difficult than you may realize. The test includes plenty of materials including the math concepts that you have not learned before. It takes a lot of commitment and effort. A rule of thumb is you shall have to study for 100 hours. Plan out the times, days, and locations wherein you shall study for 8-10 hours every week.
  • When you write a study plan, you can organize your time around GMAT sections. If you are good at GMAT quantitative then devote more time to GMAT verbal. More importantly, practice this exercise repeatedly within the GMAT sections.

Take practice tests once every two weeks. This will help you to track your progress and also re-evaluate the time you need to allocate across concepts, sections, and the questions that you shall encounter on GMAT based on the performance of practice tests.

GMAT studying is not easy. Apply the right strategy to get success.

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