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GMAT Results 2019, Exam Results Date, Latest Update
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After you take GMAT exams, you shall receive five scores: Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment, Verbal, Quantitative, and Total. Your total score of GMAT is based on the Quantitative and Verbal scores. Your Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment do not affect the total score of GMAT. You also receive a percentile score that tells your score compared to every 100 candidates who have taken the GMAT. For instance, when your score is 90 percentile in the Verbal section, it means that for every 100 candidates who have attempted GMAT 2019, you stay ahead of 90 students.

The best thing regarding GMAT 2019 results is that you can view your scores the moment the exam is over. After the exam gets over, you will have the option to either accept or reject your non-official score.  You can download the official GMAT Exam results 2019 after 20 days from your registered account given on the GMAT site.

The average GMAT score was about 600 for the top B-schools twenty years back. Due to this, many applicants apply to these schools, it means, the average GMAT scores are increasing yearly. The top schools do not just take GMAT test scores into consideration but also the other traits such as unusual accomplishment, diversity, and success. These factors allow students to get admissions with a low GMAT score. If you do not possess these traits, you need the 99th percentile to get acceptance in top-ranking B-schools.

The average score for GMAT for the top B-school programs at the topmost universities of the world fall in the range of 700-730 range. Scoring a perfect 800 is not difficult on GMAT. The average scores of GMAT of different countries produce interesting results. India ranks 14 among the list of countries that have the highest average score, nation-wise.

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