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GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is a computer-based test used for measuring skills that are important to study management. Schools offering management programs use the test scores of GMAT for comparing applicants and making admission decisions. GMAT is an international test and it predicts academic success much better compared to grade point average that can differ based on the policies of a school.

GMAT scores are accepted by more than 1,600 schools, so preparing for this examination is very crucial. The right preparation can help a student score good grades that are enough to get accepted, waitlisted, or rejected to a program. The test is completely computer-based and the score is based on a maximum 800. GMAT score alone may not guarantee you admission to a business school and it is a major factor that is considered.

GMAT test comprises of four sections- Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, and Analytical Writing Assessment. The Analytical Writing Assessment is of 30 minutes and the students have to complete an essay. This is the only section, which is not multiple-choice. Integrated Reasoning has 12 questions. In 30 minutes, test-takers need to answer four kinds of questions: Graphics Interpretation, Table Analysis, Two-part Analysis, and Multi-Source Reasoning.

In 75 minutes, test-takers need to complete the Verbal Section that has 41 questions including Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction, and Reading Comprehension. The Quantitative Section has 37 Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving Questions. This section needs 75 minutes for completing.

The Verbal and Quantitative tests are computer-based actions that use computer-adaptive format. If the first question is answered correctly then the next question will be more difficult. The computer shall display an easy question if someone answers a question incorrectly. Each question is scored individually in a computer-adaptive test. 

The score of GMAT is based on the difficulty level of every question, the number of questions completed, and whether the answers were correct or not.

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